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Circulatory & Respiratory Exercises to Improve Venous, Lymphatic & Respiratory Systems: Improve circulation and varicosities in your legs

My curiosity lead me to yet another SOMA-TRAINING course in NYC this past weekend. I learned, from Ilaria Cavagna, Guy VOYER DO’s exercises to increase blood and lymphatic flow for the lower body. These SOMA courses have been very useful to me, as a trainer, because there are plenty of instances when I want to help a client with something specific. I also strongly believe in all things holistic for my own body


Veins in our lower body can hurt, feel heavy, and generally make us feel bad. Some veins will require surgery, while others are more amenable to change via exercise. I learned how to pump blood flow to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and up to the inferior vena cava (in the abdominals). These exercises use muscle and fascia to pump vessels that are too slow/stagnated. When practiced 3 times/week with walking daily for an hour, you can improve varicosities and circulation to your legs and lower half. The exercises improve the function of the valves within the veins. Also, the lymphatic system gets stimulated, improving swelling and edema.

Respiratory gymnastics included improving lung capacity, but is comprehensive in improving awareness of how you breathe. I learned both opening up blocks of lung (quadrants) as well as how to open each branch of the bronchial tree. This becomes useful for anyone recovering from bronchitis, covid, lung or chest surgeries, or to improve general health & respiration, giving yourself more out of every breath.

Once again, a weekend well spent learning about holistic fitness! Learn how I can help you with a free discovery call by clicking below.

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