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Certain conditions are required for a home MFR visit:
Due to mileage, practicality, & safety considerations, it is required to speak to me prior to scheduling in home services. Please read below for additional information.


If you or anyone in your household is ill or has COVID-19 or any other air borne illness, please reschedule your appointment.

Table Linens

It is necessary for clients to supply their own 2 sheets and pillow case. Any size clean table covering will do as long as there are two. The empty pillow case is to cover the head rest. 

Work Environment

Please restrain your dog if they are the type to jump on a guest. This is necessary to prevent injuries or damage to my table. Please choose a room that is ground level so that stair climbing with the bulky equipment is not required. This also prevents damage. Please choose a room with plenty of space for me to move around & stretch out your limbs when necessary.

Clean Skin

To provide you with a proper MFR session, you skin needs to be free of perspiration and lotions/oils. Please refrain from putting lotions and creams. It is best to bathe/shower right before your appointment if your schedule permits.


The health of your fascia is related to how much water you drink on a daily basis. For best results, be well hydrated to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

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