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Why Massage Therapy is good for weight loss

Updated: Jan 22

Your nervous system triggers your hormone secretion. Cortisol is a hormone that relates to insulin spikes. Insulin spikes lead to weight gain by signaling your body to store excess sugar in the cells (fat cells) and in the liver. If you are trying to manage or alter your weight, and better fit into jeans, you may need to manage cortisol in more ways than one.

Studies have proven that massage therapy increases oxytocin, a well known hormone that induces anti-stress like effects such reduction of blood pressure & promotion of growth and healing. Furthermore, it was proven that massage therapy also decreases adrenocorticotropin, a hormone that produces cortisol.

When your bodies can have more incidents that evoke states of deep relaxation, and less stress causing events (too much cardio, sensory over-stimulation, stress etc), you can improve the way your stress hormones influence your fat storage. It helps you connect to your body and breath, and the more connected we are, the easier it is to make the best decisions.

Woman receiving massage to combat stress producing hormones
Woman receiving massage to base of her neck

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