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Massage Therapy: an ancient healing art

Updated: Apr 1

The therapeutic art of massage therapy is known to have been used in 5000 BCE in China. It’s been also documented in India at 3000 BCE. Ancient Egyptian temple walls also depict usage of essential oIls being applied to the limbs to open up energy channels.

As someone who practices this art, through my hands, I express something the body recognizes, that goes deeper than skin and sinew. Anyone who has received a good massage therapy treatment knows this, but in our fast paced and over processed world, may not realize past the surface. They just know that they are changed, like an animal sheds exoskeleton, a new way of being. Sacred geometry, lemnescal and spiral patterns, circulation, flow, coherence. A way of tuning the body by creating patterns on it with my hands, imprinting symbols of growth and evolution as well as radiant rest. Simply laying hands onto an area of the body can evoke the feeling of being guided to the breath, to the deeper ethereal question of what/who is breathing you alive.

Receiving a soul on my table and knowing how to best tune it for her growth and evolution. How to best unite the corporeal, material body to the sacred spirit that breathes it alive. To make “alive” feel like something hallowed, enshrined, consecrated. 💗🧬🌀


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