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Description of Services

Close up of female patient receiving osteopathic neck treatment.Therapist manipulating bac


  • A form of hands-on medical massage that effectively relieves a wide range of conditions, such as neck/shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, back pain etc.

  • Myofascial (muscle & fascia) layers are lifted and mobilized (according to the direction of their fibers).

  • The holds are long to effectively create thixotropy, or tissue melt- no oil used, (it is the hydration under the skin that is of interest).

  • Begins the process of removing fibrotic build-up that leads to pain and loss of full movement range that is caused by over-use

  • Improves circulation, turns down nociceptive (pain) signaling, improves vagal tone.

  • Provides deep relaxation and parasympathetic access


IN HOME or virtual Pilates, ELDOA™️, Low Pressure Fitness sessions

Pilates is a system of exercises that help you tone and strengthen your posture by teaching you proper alignment and connecting you to your core muscles. Due to the various positions we work the core in, we also have a mobilizing effect on the fascia.

ELDOA (as pictured) is oriented around improving the hydration quality of our joint spaces. These are joint-specific postures held at max tension for 1 minute. The ELDOA class includes the osteo-articular warm-up that includes cardio, proprioception, strengthening, myofascial stretching, ending with ELDOA.

LOW PRESSURE FITNESS is the most ideal starting place for anyone who is looking to rebuild their core. In this practice, we activate the slow-twitch fibers (your inner-most abs and pelvic floor contain a higher percentage of these slow-twitch fibers vs fast-twitch). This activation takes congestion out of the pelvis and helps create lift to the fascia that support the organs within the pelvis.

It is a posture strengthening, rib cage stretching, hypopressive breathing maneuver class where we learn how to make the deepest core, such as internal obliques and the TVA (transverse abdominis) stronger. Other benefits include improved circulation, better lung capacity, and emotional wellness.


Pilates Apparatus, ELDOA™️, and Low Pressure Fitness studio session

Work one-on-one using the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair etc. When using the Pilates apparatus, you do a lot of eccentric work with different types of spring load, dramatically increasing overall strength and flexibility. Whether you are looking to enhance your movement repertoire, recover from an injury, or build a deeper somatic sense of the benefits of the Pilates Method, the apparatus is as powerful as it is gentle.

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