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  • A form of manual therapy that relieves many conditions, such as neck/shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ, thoracic outlet syndrome, back pain etc.

  • Myofascial (muscle & fascia) layers are lifted in a progressive way that allows you to breath into what is present in each layer.

  • The holds are long to effectively create tissue melt & significantly turn down pain signaling

  • Begins the process of altering fibrotic build-up that leads to pain and loss of full movement range that is caused by over-use

  • Improves circulation, relieves spasms, improves vagal tone.

  • Provides deep relaxation and parasympathetic access

Pricing & Packages

Walk in nature

3 Month Transformation Package

Complete wellness package that gets your body stronger from the inside out.

  • The first month focuses on getting your innermost core strengthened with basic hypopressive postures, foundational Pilates mat, ELDOAs & myo-fascial stretches that pertain to your specific needs.

  • Month 2 is a progression into more intermediate mat Pilates, while incorporating more advanced hypopressives and ELDOAs. The Hypopressives become more dynamic.

  • Month 3 is an integration of everything learned so far with for advancement where appropriate. 

Includes 24 (55-minute) fitness sessions and 3 (60-minute) Myofascial Release sessions. This package includes a private YouTube station with weekly uploads that pertain to the continuation of your care. Sessions are tailor fit to your needs and goals discussed in your discovery session. 


Pilates Apparatus, ELDOA™️, and Low Pressure Fitness studio session

Work one-on-one privately using the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair etc. When using the Pilates apparatus, you do a lot of eccentric work with different types of spring load, dramatically increasing overall strength and flexibility. Whether you are looking to enhance your movement repertoire, recover from an injury, or build a deeper somatic sense of the benefits of the Pilates Method, the apparatus is as powerful as it is gentle.

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