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Myofascial Treatment for Neck Pain

It happens. You are going strong, then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and your neck is in spasm. Maybe you overdid it the day before. Maybe you slept with your head in a bad position. Whiplash? Shoulder injury? Dehydration? Simply just stressed out of your mind? There are many causes.

Our necks are a vulnerable part of our spine due to the weight of our heads and the small size of our cervical vertebrae. If the head/neck/shoulder posture is chronically out of proper alignment, it is likely that you will come across this painful condition at some point.

If trying to correct your posture on your own is not helpful enough, Myofascial Release, a form of massage, is very helpful in this case.

There are many layers of fascia within the neck, and they all need to glide or slide on each other. If there is loss of pain free movement range, its going to be very helpful to receive treatment that focuses on this aspect of your fascia.

This Myofascial treatment also benefits you by increasing your proprioception, which basically means that it helps educate the nervous system about our posture by giving us a sense of touch-felt sense of what is going on in the tissues. By releasing or “melting” that which needs to reduce its grip, it will start to get easier for you to move without pain.

The neighbors of your neck, like your brain and your heart for example, also benefit from proper fascial glide. Within our necks, we have major veins, arteries, and nerves that need space to function their best. If your fascia layers are adhered to each other, that could potentially cause a problem with circulation within the connection and flow of these structures.

A package of 3 Myofascial Release sessions, used within 4 weeks, can relieve this condition and set you up for better health.


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