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Pilates Class Savvy

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Here are some tips to reaping the benefits of the method:

Always walk into a class with focus and intention. This will help you learn the breath/movement connection, and this focus will tune you in to what your body is able to do. You will be amazed how good it feels to let go of the day, whether it is ahead of or behind you, and just be in that moment listening to your body and breath.

Listen to your Instructors cues that relate to the alignment of your bones, be it pelvic, spinal, feet, neck etc. Have awareness of your postural habits.

Explore the movements with an open mind, but honor past injuries. Preparatory exercises are the foundation to getting the benefits of the advanced exercise. Some movements may also not be appropriate for everyone, so allow your instructor to offer you alternatives, enjoy a child’s pose or just have a sense of humor & sit it out for a minute.

Know your bone density risks if you are over 50- have a bone density test.

Make sure you are medically cleared for Pilates as you would any other exercise program.

Have plenty of room in your stomach for abdominal engagement. Be aware of the effects of intra-abdominal pressure. Do not do Pilates on a very full stomach.

Smile at your instructor and ask questions either before or after the class.

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