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My Story

Having deep curiosity in ancient forms of body therapies, I started out in the wellness profession over 15 years ago learning the basics of the body at the former Healing Hands Institute for Massage Therapy in Westwood, NJ. After achieving 1000 hours and NY license, I went on to work in yoga centers, gyms, spas, and rehabilitation centers. Holistic wellness became a strong area of interest.


Being passionate about the benefits of physical exercise, and consistently practicing mat Pilates throughout my life, I went on to become a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher 8 years ago through Balanced Body, 488 hour program. It was here that I learned how to teach mat Pilates as well as apparatus.


I continued studying the body by learning how to treat soft tissue/tendon pathologies hands-on with over 350 hours of Myofascial Release techniques under Carrie Taylor of Taylor Techniques.


Being so impressed with the results of myofascial work, I discovered the ELDOA method, an Osteopathic system of training the fascia based on the methods of Dr. Guy VOYER. After achieving my ELDOA Trainer certification, I continue to study Soma training with Dr. VOYER.. 

I do what I do because I love seeing my clients upgrade their relationship to their bodies. I work with people that enjoy both fitness & therapeutic movement, strengthening postures, massage, and breath-work. I chose this profession because I truly embody these modalities myself, and I believe that culturally it is a strong medicine to what ails our society: supportive movement training, therapeutic touch, and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Thank you for reading a little about my background!

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