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Get your body flowing 

Create space in your body for proper circulation. 

Your body is amenable to change! 


Key Therapies:

  • ELDOA-  a system of movement, developed by Guy VOYER DO, that includes joint specific strengthening postures (see example in above video) that improve the hydration quality and spacing of your joints. ELDOA postures decompress nerve roots.

  • MYOFASCIAL STRETCHING & GLOBAL POSTURAL STRETCHING - from Guy VOYER DO’s Soma program, this system of stretching effectively gives mobility to a specific muscle’s intrinsic fascia  as well as more global, extrinsic fascia 

  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE-  hands-on massage therapy that gives you feeling of freedom in tight muscles, feels very supportive to your emotional system while manually creating better fascial glide as well as turning down excessive muscle spindle/nerve activity

  • PILATES METHOD- elongation exercises that build general core strength with abdominal centered movement, gluteal tone, shoulder stability, & spinal flexibility

  • LOW PRESSURE FITNESS (Hypopressive)- getting the deepest, innermost layers to lift/mobilize bto optimal position, through a specific breathing maneuver, in different postures  (Visceral maneuver created by learning the breath technique, great for post-partum, pelvic floor issues, and creating more abdominal definition, and reestablishing your connection to your bodies inner-most layers of support)

Low Pressure Fitness Trainer Certification Seal

Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body

Certified Fascial Therapist through Taylor Techniques

​New York State Licensed Massage Therapist


Certified ELDOA™️ Trainer

Certified Low Pressure Fitness Trainer


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